Let's tell your story—the story that wins you clients, seals the deals, and catapults you to your goals.

That's what Kern Marketing Works does. We unlock the key elements of your story and weave them into a compelling, benefits-driven arc that speaks to your customer and fits every format from digital to print. What we do results from artful science and scientific art working in partnership to produce clear results.


Trust us—we love a solid discovery process. We'll find out what you know—and what you don’t—about your customers, your product, and your brand. Those insights form the foundation of smart marketing and a great story. 


Where are you now? Where do you want to be? We combine proven strategies and fresh ideas for every individual client to build the marketing strategy that achieves your goals. Oh—and being a detail-oriented, rock-solid partner helps, too. 


Insight and strategy become action with the story and message that wins hearts and minds. Website copy, brochure content, cohesive campaigns, and the correct channels to reach your target—we've got your back every step of the way.

How do you win your customers' hearts and minds? A great brand story, that's how! How do you tell a great brand story? That's where I come in.